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New Church in the Hood

I heard tonight about a new church plant in Jefferson City so I checked out the website to see what it was about.  I was hopeful.  Although I’m on staff at another church, there are more than enough people to love and serve in this community and a lot of different styles and communities are needed to honor the diversity that exists among believers and unChristians. I’m  not a believer in mega-churches so I’m grateful for other churches and faith communities. However, I do have a desire to have more faith communities that, in my opinion, represent God with humility, mystery, and grace and that create a faith community that is about grace and dignity for all and the unique G0d-given gifts that they bring to the table.  That is why I was disappointed to see these statements listed under their “What We Believe” category:

  • We are not liberals who embrace culture without discernment and compromise the distinctives of the gospel.
  • We are not egalitarians and do believe that men should head their homes and male elders should lead their churches with masculine love like Jesus.
  •  We are not relativists and do gladly embrace Scripture as our highest authority above such things as culture, experience, philosophy, and other forms of revelation.
  • We are not Universalists and do believe that many people will spend eternity in the torments of hell as the Bible teaches.
  • We are not evangelical feminists and do believe that God reveals Himself as a Father and is to be honored by the names He reveals to us without apology.
  • We are not embarrassed by the bloody death of Jesus and do believe He died as a substitute for the sins of His people in selfless love.



  • Daniel

    Whoa! Honestly, I didn’t even know about complementarianism until a couple years ago when I started at a conservative Christian college… I was astonished that they purposefully did not allow women to teach in the Bible department. I was vocal with my astonishment and got branded as a “liberal, egalitarian, feminist”… Oops! I guess they should add this one to their list:
    “We are NOT living in the 21st century…”

  • Amber

    Wow. While some of those may be okay beliefs, they are kind of strongly worded. As a woman in the ministry, it makes me sad to know that there are still so many who would deny women the opportunity to serve God as He desires.

  • Genie

    Wonder how and who they plan to share God’s love with? Seems like their statements of what they are against pretty well eliminates a whole lot of folks!! Makes me wonder what Gospel distinctives they are referring to? I keep reading my Bible and just can’t find they barriers they put up–not in Jesus’ life and ministry!

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