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Today is the first day on the wonderful beach for our senior trip.  I left with two other adults and six seniors Monday morning at 12:30 am and we arrived in Gulf Shores at 3 pm on Monday. Great drive down and now we are enjoying the relaxing beach house.  The seniors love it here and are a great group!  We do miss our three soccer girls that weren’t able to come because they are just too good at soccer and won their district soccer game.  We wish them the best for tonight’s game in Jefferson City!  Go support them if you are in town.
We had a great pasta dinner last night and I think everyone was in bed by 11 pm.  Tired from the first day’s drive. 
Today we’ve been sunning and funning.  The girls have been laying out all day and the guys went to town and bought skim boards.  Its been pretty hilarious watching them learn how to use them.  We are hoping to make some awesome videos before the trip is up.
I’m working this afternoon on upcoming trips and the like.   Just couldn’t get it all done before I left town.  But this isn’t too bad of an office.  🙂

My office for the week
My office for the week

Tonight is Mexican night and I think the plan is to go rent some jet skis tomorrow afternoon!
We had a good devotion time last night as we talked about our fears for what lie ahead.  Graduating high school is a huge transition with lots of unknowns – roommates, bills, grades, new cities, etc.  I told them the story of my nephew Blake who woke up with a fright Monday morning.  During the night, his teddy bear had fallen between the bed and the wall and the only you could see was its paws sticking up .  When Blake woke up and saw the paws, he thought it was a monster coming to get him. Scared him really bad but he laughed about it later.
Such are our fears often.  We see something not too clearly and it looks horrible and like it is out to get us.  But in reality, it is really something that isn’t scary at all.  And no matter what, God is there to care for us.  I Peter 5:7 reminds us to “Cast all our anxieties on Him because He cares for us.”  What a great promise to take with them on this new journey.
Wish all of you could be enjoying such a gorgeous place!  
With sand between my toes,

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