Random Reflections

One down; Four to go

Vacation update from Day 1: laundry done; dishes done; yard (jungle) mowed; cell phone fixed; checks cashed; kitchen cabinets emptied; NCD report written; and two movies watched. Fairly productive day, don’t ya think? I saw Princess Diaries 2 – cute flick (better rental) and The Notebook – beautiful work of art based on the story by Nicholas Sparks. I wish I had his writing gift. Very powerful film – bring tissues. Tremendous story about real and lasting love which overcomes all things.

I was thinking about my youth a lot today – for most their first day back to school. I wondered how it went; how they are doing; what they experienced. I pray for them to be strong; to live in grace; and to see themselves like God does – beautiful and special and very much loved.

Tomorrow will be focused on taking a large haul of “stuff” to Salvation Army; making my prep list for the kitchen redo; heading to Lowe’s for supplies and hopefully sneaking in a visit to my favorite guy, Blake. If it doesn’t get rained out, I may head to the Helias/JC softball game. We’ll see what I can get accomplished.

Let me leave you with this thought from Hebrews 12:16: Watch out for the Esau syndrome; trading away God’s lifelong gift in order to satisfy a short-term appetite. Definitely a word of caution to me. It can be so easy to take the short route or to settle for something less than God’s best to satisfy a need or desire. Doing what I want usually is satisfying a short-term appetite. Like drinking a soda when you’re really thirsty. Temporary thirst quencher but doesn’t last and doesn’t deal with the real need. Being Esau means settling for less and living with regrets. God has better plans and hopes for me than than an Esau fate.

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