Random Reflections


I was the guest preacher this morning at Little Bonne Femme Church outside Columbia, MO. The pastor had asked me to fill the pulpit in his absence.  It was a great experience.  The church is a lot smaller than the church I currently minister in and it was a refreshing change. The very laid-back atmosphere, the small but passionate adult choir, the endearing children, the general shout-outs during the announcement time. Refreshing indeed. It is interesting to go and preach with a group of people that you have no established repoire with. Very different.  They were incredibly friendly and receptive.  I was blessed to have my friend, Maria, along with me. It was great to have her along for the day.  She is becoming a very dear friend.  After services, we had a great lunch at Longhorn’s in Columbia.

After tonight’s Chi Alpha (our youth worship service), Preston and I stayed around talking late.  I always enjoy our intellectual adventures.  Preston – thanks for being such an awesome friend.  I could try and sum up our conversations for you but I’m not up to the task at this late hour.  It would be impossible to condense what we shared into mere words in this blog space.  It would never do justice.  In general, there really weren’t that many resolutions in our conversation and surprisingly – I enjoyed it. 🙂

I spent some time reordering some personal budget issues this weekend. My goal is to become a female version of Grady Martin – at least in the realm of personal finance! 🙂  I’m realizing that my jeep is not going to make it as long as I had hoped.  Ironically and sadly, my jeep and I both seem to be falling apart lately. I don’t have enough money for both of us to get a complete overhaul so it looks like the jeep will win out.  If I can make it last for at the most two years, I should be good to go. It will take me at least that long to figure out what kind of vehicle I want to purchase next. 

The week ahead is packed as it has been this fall.  Something each evening.  But it will be a great week with much productivity and blessings.  It will be a great week simply because the weather is to be beautiful and WARM!  Thank the Lord. 🙂

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