Random Reflections

Par for the Course

I’m worn out tonight so this post probably won’t be much.  I played golf all afternoon at Railwood. It was a perfect day and it was a wonderful and long afternoon.  About 5 hours of golf with a couple of friends. Railwood was gorgeous with so much fall foilage and great hilltop views.  It is a beautiful and challenging course.  I’m getting better.  I had some good shots today.  And also many bad ones.  But better than I use to do and that’s what counts.  I borrowed my sister’s clubs which are more designed for ladies and that helped a lot.

Then tonight we had CG volleyball which was fun and great exercise. My right knee has a big knot because that is usually the knee I come down on.  No biggie. Just a little sore.

So .. I’m wiped out tonight. Wiped out in many ways. Weary of many things.  Sometimes the best thing to do is just go to bed and start fresh in the morning with a new day.  Sometimes it is not just the best thing, it is the only thing. 

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