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Pickled People Make Poor Parishes

One blog that I follow is the Naked Pastor.  Dave Hayward has some great thoughts and challenges for the church through his cartoons. So many times, I’ll see his latest and laugh at how well he captures life in the church.  This was his latest that he posted today and I love it (and hate it!).   I love it because it is so right on!  I hate it because it is so right on.
Why does it seem that the most pickled, sour-faced individuals are found in the church?  The Church – the bride of Christ, the beloved, the one who supposedly knows the Story.  Seems like we may have missed some of the major points of Jesus.   We look and act grouchy, depressed, judgmental, negative and like our communion cups are half-empty.
And then we wonder why people don’t want to come and be a part of our happy family…..

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