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My nephew came to visit me at the office today. It made the day. It’s like he blesses my office when he comes. Blesses and rearranges my office. So sweet and innocent (most of the time) is the child.

How in the world does God expect us to come like a child after all that we see and experience in this life? It seems impossible to go back. I would do anything to keep Blake from seeing and experiencing the ugly of this world. I want to make his world as much like the Kingdom of God as possible but much of it is out of my control. The best I can do is to teach Blake to stay in the shadow of the Almighty no matter what lurks beyond it.

I imagine God feels the same for us. God would do anything to make this world the Kingdom of God but there are some things that God willing gave up control over. The best God can do is teach us to stay in the shadow of the Almighty and to help us do our part in revealing God’s will on earth like it is in Heaven.

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