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Hey all!  Surprise post.  I found a computer lab here on the campus of College of the Ozarks and am able to post briefly.

Hand update:  Not broken.  Just deeply bruised.  Kind of like my ego after Sunday’s basketball game. Good news is that I can totally bring my game on Thursday night as volleyball begins.

Conference update:  Intense conference and long days.  8 am – 9 pm with a couple of hours down time at lunch and supper.  This is a little challenging for me as an introvert who needs alone time and processing time.  It should be a very beneficial experience though.  This is week one of four weeks spread out over the next year on developing young pastors for leadership in the 21st century church.

Accomodations:  The lodge where we are meeting and staying is great and top-notch.  The meals are definitely not going to help me lose weight and with no downtime to exercise this may not be the most stellar fitness week.  Maybe I can do a bunch of butt-squeezes while sitting in my chair during the conference. 🙂

Unexpected blessings: 

  • I get to have lunch with Kailey on my way home on Thursday. 
  • The bakery here has "to-die-for" chocolate chip cookies.
  • Some good introspection on my calling to ministry and how to develop better boundaries if I continue in this field.
  • A very nice and comfortable hotel room where I can relax and get wonderful rest.
  • Some forced silence as part of the conference to really listen to God’s spirit.
  • A diagnosis for how I’ve been feeling for a while:  burnout.  Although burnout is not the unexpected blessing, naming and claiming it is.  More on this later.

Alrighty – time to head out again for the afternoon session.  Hope everyone is doing well this week.  Leave me a comment telling me how much you miss my witty and humorous posts each day.

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