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This is a really quick update.  I should be in bed by now but I got caught up in the Lost: Season I DVD series.  I finished disc two tonight.  Only five more to go.  Watching a season on DVD is incredibly convenient and is spoiling me, I believe.  I’m trying to catch up quickly so I understand better what is happening in season two.  I don’t watch any tv show religiously.  I don’t have the time and I don’t want to be stressed about missing a show.  But Lost is interesting.  I could miss it and be okay but it is a nice escape one hour a week.

LeavesThe weekend was good.  Friday night I saw Jarhead.  Very interesting movie.  Saturday morning was spent on yardwork (leaves, putting away stuff for winter, etc.) and the afternoon was some great time with my parents and nephew.  Today was church.  I played basketball this afternoon with the Common Ground crew and that was fun. It had been probably 3 or 4 Sundays since I played last due to schedule conflicts.  So it was nice to get back onto the court and get some playing time.  I actually had a pretty decent game considering I’ve been out of it for almost a month. 

Monday I head EARLY to Springfield for a work trip for the day which is why I’m wrapping this up and heading to bed.  Hope everyone’s weekend was restful and enjoyable. I really hope you spent a good deal of it outside in the absolutle gorgeous weather. What a gift!

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