Random Reflections

Relaxing Sundays

I enjoy have Sunday nights free in January.  No church responsibilities are a welcomed break.

I preached this morning and the Lord was gracious once again in using me share the Word. It was a good self-reminder message on the beauty of faith and the wonderful mystery of God. I struggle with appreciating the mystery of God and the unknown faith journey ahead.  It was helpful to share that this morning as I sought to encourage those present to look for "where God just was" in their lives to bolster their faith.

After Winter Bible Study, I played basketball with some CG folks.  That is such a great workout.  I’ve just started playing basketball this past year and really enjoy it.  However, I get frustrated when I have days like today when I can’t seem to make a shot or learn plays fast enough.  I’d really like to just have some one on one coaching to develop some skills so I can hold my own in our games.  Playing volleyball every week has improved my skills in that area. I’m hoping the weekly basketball game will do the same.

It was a very quiet and relaxing evening tonight. Honestly – I was in my flannel pjs by 4 pm!!  I watched some tv (football games weren’t much) and did some reading.  All in all, a great way to wind down and prepare for the week ahead.  The quiet space is very good for me.

Much love to each of you that drop by the site to read my self-focused ramblings!

Peace – Melissa

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