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ROAD TRIP tomorrow!!!  Whoo-hoo.  Cari and I head out early in the morning for our road trip to Minnesota. Ok – it’s a working road trip but nevertheless, we are going to have a grand time getting out of town and hitting the open highway. I’m really pumped.  We have good company, good music, good snacks and a very flexible schedule.  Plus Cari has made some fun plans for Thursday night up in Minneapolis.  I’m sure I’ll post some road trip photos when I return this weekend so you can share in our adventures.  I’m expecting many, many unexpected blessings! 🙂

Today was LONG – an all day planning retreat with the pastoral team.  The last three days have been so crazy with constant appointments, projects and assignments as I prepare to be away from work for over a week. (i am on vacation next week.)  I haven’t made the time to cherish my unexpected blessings much.  Sunday was definitely a wonderful blessing through Youth Sunday!  I love my youth and they did an amazing job leading us to the feet of God.  Monday I was blessed very unexpectedly as plans for the Minnesota mission experience fell into place with nothing but the grace of God to explain it.  Tonight I was blessed by my youth here for c-groups.  BOB just cracks me up.  Okay this will sound a little irresponsible but Bob was setting his clothes on fire.  You had to be there cause it honestly was stinkin’ hilarious.  Until one point when the flames kept on going up his sleeve.  Then I had an excuse to beat the tar out of him as I put the flames out.  Too funny (no youth were hurt in the making of this moment).  Bobadinski is a spaz just like me and we have the best pointless conversations. 

I haven’t had much time to be quiet within for a few days so I am very much missing that time of connecting with myself. I feel a little disoriented and chaotic without my time to process life, events, feelings, revelations, etc.  I very much need that in order to really know how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking.  I think I’ll have some time to do that as Cari and I journey the next few days. I will definitely make time for that next week.

Thanks for prayers for my dad.  He has bronchitis but they gave him some great drugs and he is on the slow mend. 

Have a great week and I’ll be back to blogging this weekend!

Peace – Melissa


  • Katherine

    Mel…..you are crazy…and i’m a geinus i know! well your edge kids just played in the gym……Nathan never showed..but they didn’t cause any trouble! so it was all good! Sorry…I forgot you were gone!!! I hope you have/Had fun! I LOVE YOU my butt clone!
    Later dayz!

  • Kailey

    Have a GREAT time on your road trip. I hope you and Cari have a BLAST getting away from the norm. Be safe and I want to hear all about the trip when you get back. Love you!

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