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Saying Goodbye

I’ll be heading out in a few hours for our senior trip.  Final quick post before I go.  My post from last night/early morning needs to be updated.  It does appear that I have a virus and it took over my laptop this morning.  I have some connections that are going to take a look at it next week.  I’m not sure if it is repairable or not.  I have a backup to take with me so hopefully I can stay connected to do work and to update on our trip.

Let me share for all of you who think I never have moments where I am out of sorts that I had a little emotional breakdown this morning.  The computer itself was not the issue but was the last straw.  I’m extremely stressed and overwhelmed with work stuff and this week has been an emotional upheaval for me in other matters.  I wasn’t really facing it and I didn’t really deal with it this week.  This morning as I accepted the fact that viruses are eating away at the core of my computer, I, too, have viruses eating away at my core.  I’m running on fumes this week and it is a bad way for me to start out on two-weeks of trips. 

It is hard for me to deal with realities rather than possibilities.  It is difficult for me to be honest rather than idealistic.  It is a struggle for me to face facts rather than cling to hopes. It kills me to say goodbye to dreams . . . but sometimes life leaves you no choice.

Thanks for just letting me put it out there.  I’d appreciate your prayers this week as we travel and spend some final time together as a youth family. I’d appreciate your prayers on my behalf as well that I’ll let God care for me this week and that God will be strong in my weakness.

Peace – Melissa

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