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Secret to Joy

There are four commonalities among those who live joy-filled lives:

  • a feeling of being forgiven;
  • forgiving others;
  • a feeling of life purpose;
  • a strong sense of gratitude.

Gratitude drives joy. When we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have, we are grateful. And that brings us joy.

For each of us, one of these four commonalities will be a weakness at various seasons of live. They may switch around and move on us depending on life circumstances that we allow to toss us about like waves in the ocean. Learning to intentionally pursue these four commonalities will develop the kind of life that I believe most individuals desire.

At this stage of life, a feeling of life purpose is my struggle. I’m camped out on this idea of life purpose and what truly I should be doing with my life. I’m aware that until I feel that my life has purpose, my joy will be incomplete. Whether it means doing something different with my life or seeing my life differently, I have to feel purpose in how I”m living my life in order to live the joy-filled life that I desire.

What about you? Do you agree with these four commonalities? Is there one that you struggle with and that is keeping you from living a joy-filled life?


  • Jess

    First, I want to say I don't disagree with you (okay, I agree with you,lol) on the 4 commonalities (whee!what a word!lol) linked to the secret to joy…these past two years, i struggled with the feeling of forgiveness (forgiving myself and someone in particular)…basically it was an excellent healing process and I am happy to say that I'm free and ready to support someone who will go through a similar process…I must admit that I still have to watch my thoughs because some skeletons thoughts try to creep in and i'm like "no no" (with the attitude,please lol). Other than that, I always felt that God sent me on this earth for a few reasons and I I'm the 1st happiest to find which ones 🙂 ; early on my parents taught me to be grateful with their actions and their words and I try to remember to keep their teaching alive in my life.
    Now Mel, my personal secret of joy is to know that God is in control no matter what I see, I feel or I hear and God will use even our wounds for His glory–if we let Him.

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