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Seeing Beauty

I’m a believer that when something is repeated, we should probably pay attention.

Again …. when something is repeated … ­čśë

My morning devotion invited me to reflect on the fact that Jesus was never in a hurry. NEVER.

I’d never really thought about it, but I can’t recall a time in the Gospel stories where Jesus acted too busy for what was happening right in front of him. Man, that convicted me.

I don’t know who authored the following but I am grateful. I have heard many a sermon on the other qualities of Christ, but very few on the truth that Jesus’s life was marked by a moment-by-moment appreciation of the world He died to redeem.

The boundaries of Christlikeness do not stop at humility, or wisdom, or even supernatural power. They extend to a willingness to take the yoke of Christlikeness, which encompasses ALL we see of Him and more. To live with the same unhurried gentleness of Jesus is to find rest.

As I headed out on my adventures for the day here in Black Mountain, North Carolina, this truth was in my heart and mind.

Don’t hurry, Melissa. Be present in the moment. Appreciate the world and the people God created and loves.

Here comes the repeated part of the story.

On my drive to my hiking destination, I listened to the latest Things Above Podcast, episode 11 on Seeing Beauty. I don’t know how many plays this episode got today but seven of them were mine. No joke. (Every episode so far is phenomenal. Check it out.)

Episode 11 is all about the practice – the spiritual practice – of seeing the beauty around us. James Bryan Smith defines┬ábeauty as that which you see, hear, smell, touch or feel that brings pleasure. And more than just seeing it, beauty is meant to transport us to Love. There is so much more in the podcast that I won’t go into about reverence and dignity as crucial elements to truly seeing beauty.

But Smith leaves us with a challenge to gaze with reverence on the world. To pay attention to the beauty and to note when we see it.

I loved these two quotes from the podcast.

The beauty of the world is Christ’s tender smile for us coming through matter. – Simone Weil

Beauty is a soul nutrient. Just like the body needs nutrients, our soul needs beauty to be well. – Steve Mcintosh

I heard you, Lord. Between these reminders this morning and the fact that my phone had no service, space was created to gaze in reverence at the beauty of this amazing world you created. To see your tender smile coming through matter and to transport me to Love.

Mt Mitchell



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