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Sister Day

Today was "Sister Day"!  I took a vacation day and spent the day with my sister.  We went to Columbia, MO, to have lunch at the Macaroni Grill. Yummy, yummy.  I had whole-wheat penne with grilled chicken and tomato-basil sauce.  Ang had the Tuscany Lunch (grilled chicken sandwich and a ceaser salad.)  It was delicious.  I’ve eaten at MG a couple of times but Ang had never eaten there.  She liked it!

Then we shopped for a little bit – nothing major or excessive.  Just enough to make us feel like we were having a true girl’s-day-out.  I bought two pairs of sandals for work and some trousers.  We went to Ann Taylor Loft at Columbia Mall which is my favorite store.  I could overspend so easily there and outfit my entire wardrobe.  I managed to just walk away with an awesome set of pants for only $12.  I love sales!

Then, we went to Riversong Spa in the afternoon for manicure and pedicures.  (We sound so girly!)  Dsc02962Neither of us have ever had this treatment but Ang’s husband gave her a gift certificate for her birthday so I suffered and kept her company.  I’ve posted a very nice picture of my toes for you to admire. It is the first time I’ve beared my "sole" on this site.   According to my spa assistant, I have amazingly healthy feet.  She couldn’t believe that I do nothing to my feet other than wash them in the shower.  I must admit I was quite proud.  I walked a little taller when I left there today. 

Ang and I had a grand time today and it was good to just get away together.  We don’t do that enough with work, life, family, etc.  Thanks for a great day, sis.

Tomorrow is another day off for me (my regular day off.)  I have a morning tennis match to play; a slammin’ dessert to make; a sex book to finish and a sermon to complete.  Gonna be one fun Thursday.

Peace – Melissa

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