Random Reflections

Sleep Optional

It’s been a great weekend! Not much sleep, but well worth the sacrifice.

I’m just now finishing up laundry so that I can make it through the upcoming week.  I went downstairs to the basement barefoot to get clothes out of the dryer and what did I see but the mother of all centipedes going across the floor.  Unfortunately, I did not have a ziploc baggie in the basement OR shoes on because I definitely would have extinguished the little sucker.  Cause he was BIG.  I think he was sent by the family of the dead centipede who stills remains in a baggie on my desk.  (which by the way is decaying ULTRA slow).  I may set a trap out tonight.  Or I may not.  I guess as long as he stays out of the bedroom I can live with him.

CG had an awesome barbecue yesterday and we had a great time.  It was totally worth it to see Grady’s mad whiffleball skills.  Dang, Grady.  You must have been eating your Wheaties.  The night was beautiful and a total blast hanging out with everyone.  I also learned how to play horseshoes which is quite fun. 

Today I hit the batting cages. (literally a few times).  Getting ready for my first softball game of the season Monday night.  I was with a professional softball player who gave me some good pointers.  Ok – not professional but a pretty-darn-good player.

The week is not too busy ahead which is great!  I need some major catch-up time at work.  But I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and despite the few hours of sleep, I’m ready to hit the week hard. 

I should be posting more regularly this week.

Hoping for more "we" time – Melissa

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