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EMR vehicles, funeral processions and Christmas give me that strange, warm feeling of solidarity.  As I drive down the highway, sirens are heard and then seen in my rearview mirror.  As the ambulance or funeral procession approaches, one after another vehicle slows down and edges itself to the shoulder until the vehicles pass. Most times I say a quick prayer for whomever is in need of such transportation but just as often I am warmed by the scene of solidarity and respect for the purpose and business of such vehicles.  In a world where we often hear reports of self-centeredness and human depravity, to see people obey this tradition of our society moves me.  It is, to me, a sign of the everlasting presence of good in the world, even though it seems to be absent or incredibly obscure. 

Christmas is the same thing.  I know many report and fixate on the commercialism of the holiday and the few scrooges they encounter along the way.  However, I find myself blessed rather by the sights and sounds of people focusing on the needs of others, of families making space for one another in their lives.  It would be easy to focus on the moments and attitudes that fall short of the Christmas spirit.  But we do this enough throughout the year.  Why not be joyful and blessed by the reminders that the goodness of God still reigns and can overcome?  Why not be hopeful that there is still a desire in most people for the things of beauty that are God – love, kindness, generosity?  Why not be in awe that some of humankind still slows down and pulls over to the shoulder of life in solidarity and respect of the purpose   This is the olive branch. The beautiful reminder to hold to that God can never be extinguished or displaced by humans and human choices. We are God’s children. Just as every child, no matter how many mistakes and evil deeds are done, still has part of their parent’s dna in them, every human has a part of them that is made to respond like their Heavenly Father.  I believe that no matter how bad things get or how far a person goes in the opposite direction of God, that voice of their Parent can rise through and above all things to reach a person’s heart and remind them of Whose they are. 

So as I see displays of respect on the roads and I hear Christmas greetings exchanged between passerbys, I am hopeful and I am thankful that God is good and that good always triumphs over evil.

Peace – Melissa

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