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Summer in Review

Everything around me is screaming the end of summer.  School is starting.  A new year in youth ministry is beginning.  My seniors are leaving for college.  And I’m not ready.  It has been the busiest summer.  As some of you know, I was gone for nearly four weeks in a row with back to back mission trips.  This past weekend was my last little retreat trip for the summer and I’m glad.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved all the experiences, opportunities and people I met this summer but I’m in need of some structure, some routine, some downtime.  Yet I’ve got much to do before the new year begins for youth ministry.  I worked 10 hours today on the youth room and although I’m not finished yet, it is coming along.  One of the things I miss about teaching is a clear start and end.  That is not possible in ministry. As you finish one season, you must prepare to immediately enter another.  As I get older, it gets more difficult to keep the pace.  January will be the start of my ninth year in youth ministry at FBCJC and some days I really feel it.

Speaking of years, today is my parent’s 41st wedding anniversary!  For obvious reasons, I’m pretty thrilled that they got married. But I’m just as thrilled with the family that they have created.  They are wonderful parents, grandparents, lovers, followers of Christ, and best friends.  They are my heroes and I am blessed beyond measure to be their daughter.

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