Random Reflections

Summer is Officially Over

My youth kids returned to school today thus marking the official end of summer. In honor of their return, I have taken the week off!! I’m staying in town and using the town to get my house in order and to redo my kitchen. It needs to happen now before we get into full swing with our fall programs. I’ve enlisted the help of my dad to get the kitchen projects done before Saturday! (hopefully)

NEW BLAKE pictures in the “Blake Pics” photo album. Check them out. He’s so cute. I’m sure I’ll see him over the break as well.

It was a busy week and weekend so I didn’t post much last week. I had a informational meeting for 7th graders and their parents. Then Saturday was a big Back to School bash. It was a full day but a lot of fun and some good worship before they returned to school.

Just wanted to post some pictures and assure everyone that I am still alive. I should return to more regular posting this week.

Peace – Melissa

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