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Sunday PostGame Wrap-up

Today was a packed Sunday.  This morning I drove to Montgomery City to preach.  I enjoy going to new areas of Missouri that I have not been before and I enjoy meeting new folks.  It was a nice morning and they were a very hospitable congregation.  The preaching went well and each time is a good experience for me to grow as a preacher. 

I made it back in time for our basketball game which was some great exercise as usual.  The guys keep me running which is good.  I had a few friends over tonight and the last one just left a few minutes ago which is why this is a late, late post!  But it was great to visit and have a hang out night with a few friends.  We played the game Quip which Kailey got me for Christmas.  It was a total blast.  You need to play it with creative people like those present in my basement tonight.  Way fun and much laughter.

I’m heading to bed.  The Sears repair guy is coming early in the morning to fix my water softener . . .actually he may be here in about 6 hours so . . . good night!


  • Kayla

    Gracious, it’s been far too long since I’ve been here. Deepest apologies for that, as life seemed to get in the way a bit. But no matter, for I am present and accounted for, and I must say it is lovely to hear you having such fun. The older folk ought to do that more often. *wink*
    And speaking of good things, I just so happened to see Miss Melissa Hatfield in a church service one particular Sunday. One might not think this to be a big deal, as Melissa is generally in them, but that one also ought to note that for me to see her there, I most likely had to have been there myself. And indeed I was. A week ago, I believe, when Crimson Gold had been leading the service. Wonderful performance. Music was a splendid excuse for me to attend. If only I did so more often. Ah, well. It was enjoyable.
    And I hope that your day is enjoyable as well.

  • Kailey

    I love frisbee golf and it is pretty overwhelming how many disc there are. I got Mark one for a present and I probably stood in MC Sports for 10 mins just reading all the different kinds. I will say I haven’t gotten used to the real disc though or the baskets because I played on the Rolla campus with a regular frisbee so many times that it takes a little getting used to witht he real disc.
    I knew the game was going to be great for you guys. I hope I can be around to play next time. I just had a gut feeling that that that game screemed people like you, Preston, and Grady.

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