• My Life

    Unexpected Blessings

    A few years ago, I posted often about unexpected blessings. Nearly every day I’d have a blog post that would include something random that happened that day that blessed me. It was a conscious effort on my part to live a life of gratitude and to expectantly look for good in each day. Then, I hit a rough patch with work stress and hurtful breakups and no matter how badly I tried, I struggled to find the unexpected blessings in life. It has been a long road back (much longer than I wish) but this past year especially has been…

  • My Life

    Depression Thaw

    A poem I wrote after months of healing from depression.   a cold breeze creeps in mixing with tears freezing limbs and veins weighed down threatening to snap shattered in pieces thawing comes warming limbs reach upward spring rounds the corner green found within nourished by melted tears new life, new branches

  • Faith Reflections

    Healing and Hoping

    I’m two days into my annual solitude vacation.  For a few years now, my parents give me a week away for my birthday.  They know their daughter well.  Solitude and meditation are healing for me and after a busy summer of travel, this week was very needed. I’ve slept in. I’ve not seen a person I know. I’ve showered but not much else. I’ve enjoyed the beautiful outdoors.  I’ve read.  I’ve thought. I’ve prayed. Today I truly realized how much I’ve healed from my severe burnout and depression from three years ago.  It truly has taken longer to heal than…