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Take One for the Team

Just got home from our volleyball game.  Much fun.  We dominate on the court.  Okay – not really.  We did manage to win all the games, however, they were all pretty much close.  So, I can’t really get away with claiming domination.  I can claim great fellowship because that was definitely true. 

I took one for the team tonight.  (honestly – only one and then the kiddos were on their own.) I can’t seem to restrain myself from dropping to my knees to return a serve.  So the wounds from last week’s game were reopened tonight.  It hurt like heck but I didn’t cry and I didn’t curse … out-loud.  I could move this to some spiritual analogy of wounds reopened but I will refrain myself – for your sake and mine.  It is the natural urge of a minister to make everything a spiritual analogy.  Seriously – we use to play a game where someone would mention anything that came to mind and then we would make it have a spiritual reality in some way.  (evidence once again that ministers are freaks and lame).

Spent some brief time with my nephew, Blake, this afternoon.  He is all boy and quite the little stud.  We tell secrets together (well, I tell and he listens since he has not developed verbal skills yet).  He is nearly 8 months now and what a major blessing he has been to our family.

Other than that … it was a cloudy, cool day and I worked at church for a bit and then hit the Y for my workout.  I haven’t posted on the weight progress for awhile.  I am regular in my visits to the Y and really miss it if I’m not able to go.  Ellipticals and Crossramps are my cardio followed by some time on the Nautilus.  Its been about 2 and 1/2 months since I began "the new way of life" (working out, eating right) and I’m down 18 lbs and several inches.  Feeling great and ready for summer.  So, basically I am halfway there.  I would really like to lose another 15 lbs or so and hope (and WILL)  accomplish that by summer.

That’s it for today.  Unexpected blessing of the day: Finally connected with a 4-year old girl from church that I have not been able to get to say "boo" to me. We played tonight at church while her mom played volleyball and had a grand time.  The relationship has begun and I’m pumped for that.  Definite unexpected blessing!  Hope you discovered at least one today too!

Peace – Melissa

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