Random Reflections

Thankful For . . .


Tuesday night was our C-Group Thanksgiving dinner.  The youth planned the whole thing and brought food to share.  I made turkey and gravy. They brought stuffing, green bean casserole, bread and mashed potatoes. It was wonderful!  15 of us around the table sharing in a thanksgiving feast.  There was the right amount of food and I was amazed that we had a little left over of each item.  It felt like the feeding of the five thousand.  Before our supper, we prayed and everyone  shared something they were thankful for.  Then we feasted. We even had pumpkin pie to follow it up with.  And the kids planned the whole thing.  They were awesome.  It was a rich experience and I was so blessed by our family meal together.

After dinner, Hannah and Rachel, my leaders, led the group in a communion time together.  They did a wonderful job planning an evening of worship and true Christian fellowship. 

What a blessing!  I am so thankful for these awesome youth that meet each week in my home.

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