Random Reflections

The Day After

Today was one of my famous "No Talk" days.  Days where I don’t utter a sound.  I literally haven’t spoken since 6:45 pm last night.  I’ve been working around the house, putting up Christmas (its all done), cleaning (not nearly done),etc. and haven’t had the need to say anything.  No singing out loud, no telephone calls, no cussing at the television. 

When I realize that I haven’t spoken in such a long time there is a weird second or two where I wonder if my voice will still work.  Yet I don’t want to break the trend by testing it.  I’m weird, yes.

Browines are baking in the oven as I type this.  I will be speaking tonight as I leave shortly to attend a college get together for students home for the holidays.  It is always good catching up with them – some whom I haven’t talked with since they left in August. 

All the talk around here recently has been the MU-KU game happening tomorrow night.  With Arkansas’s win over LSU, the Tigers are now ranked number one (which is unbelieavable).  On top of that, KU is having an amazing season as well.  Add into the mix the HUGE rivalry between the schools and well, the area tomorrow night should be a ghost time as all are indoors watching the game.  My family will be over for some chili, cornbread, and apple pie and a little football.  Should be a fun night.

Go MU.

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