Random Reflections

The Gift of Electricity

I’m typing this with 34 minutes remaining on my laptop battery and a weak link to some wireless network in the area.  Since 7:30 am this morning, I have been without electricity as the guys from Stokes are rewiring my home, ridding her of the antiquated fuse electrical system.  (Phone call). Ok – now I have 27 minutes left so this will be brief.

There are mixed feelings as I think about my dependence on electricity. Cut off from tv/radio/HEAT!  Knowing that my laptop is in the final mintues of life before I will cut off from the outside world.  These are definite stretching things.   And the same time, there is something about the quiet, the simplicity of options that is blessing me today.  Instead of time with Matt and Katie this morning, I had more time for reflection and prayer.  Instead of another episode of "What Not to Wear" (I love that show!), I’m forced to read and to work on sermon texts.  Much more useful information (although I’ve learned quite a few fabulous tips from Stacy, Clint and Carmendy.)

24 minutes remaining . . . I’m grabbing last minute checks of emails before my time is gone. Anything important? No.  But my email fix is met.  Are you getting the sad, pitiful story here? My name is Melissa and I am an electricity junkie. 

Even lunch will be simple since I can’t cook anything. (Because of electricity issues, not skill, thank you very much.)  I’m thinking "peanut butter and jelly a la carte".  Yummy.   

19 minutes to go . . .

It is amazing to me how much filler I add to my day via tv and computers –  two mediums of escape for me from "real life" and ministry.  I sometimes feel guilty about wasting time, escaping to TLC instead of to God.  But I think it is part of my over-active self-critical spirit.  I should be doing more; I should be using every moment for service; I should be 24/7 on the things of God.  But I think it is okay and not un-Christ like to escape some times or to enjoy some of the pleasures of humanity.  I can imagine Christ doing this.  Always having the spirit of God in and through him; always communicating love and peace in all of his interactions, words and behaviors.  But still sitting around with the disciples and relaxing.  Debriefing.  Escaping from the load of daily ministry.   

Now my battery icon won’t tell me how many minutes left.  There is a warning pop-up and a red "x" over the battery icon.  That can’t be good.  So I suppose I will wrap this up with the little power that is left.

(Note to reader: My computer actually shut down on me right as I finished that last sentence.  So . . now my power is returned, several hours later, and here is the post.)  I’m going to now soak up every ounce of tv/internet that I can until I leave for volleyball.  My one-ness with simplicity was so short lived . . .

Peace – Melissa

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