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The Golden Compass

Recently I posted some thoughts about the upcoming movie The Golden Compass after the many forwards and invites I was receiving requesting I join the boycott of the film due to the writer’s strong athiest agenda in his trilogy of books.

With the movie’s release day upon us, here is another review that I wanted to pass along to all of you.  The movie reviewer answers several questions that are very helpful as you do some critical thinking about your response to this film.  I especially want to share one of his responses below.  Hat tip to Carmen.

Why are so many people, including many Christians, drawn to this story of people who fight against the church?

People are drawn to stories about brave souls who stand up against oppressors. And, for a lot of people, whether we like it or not, the church represents fear, power, and condemnation.

The best way to make Phillip Pullman’s stories look like gospel truth is to respond by acting like the villainous Christians in his stories.

The best way to expose Pullman’s lie is to respond like Christ himself: With grace and truth, not hysteria and condemnation.

If we respond with wrath, condemnation, and protest, we play right into Pullman’s naive caricature of Christianity. I’m not saying we shouldn’t point out where he is wrong. His story is deeply flawed, and his religious bigotry is shameful. We should not ignore that. But we also should not ignore the excellence of his artistry. And should speak the truth in love, as Christ commands us. We should respond with truth and grace.

We should encourage people to compare the church of Pullman’s universe with the church in the real world, and how it is growing and ministering to so many needs — here, in Europe, in Africa, and around the world. We should remind people of the church that serves, and that Christ would not have wanted an oppressive church.

There are many things about this film to be commended and enjoyed – much like past Harry Potter films, Star Wars films, etc.  I think the strongest encouragement I can give echoes Overstreet’s caution that we not give credibility to Pullman’s caricature of Christianity by responding to the film like the Magisterium does in his books. It is expected of us.  So imagine the power when we respond in the way of Christ instead.


  • Melissa

    Kristina – thanks so much for the comment and for the compliment on the writing. Coming from you, a writer, I’m really humbled. I enjoy writing, think about doing it for a living, and think and think. HA.
    I tried to comment on your blog a couple of times but my computer froze up both times when I went to your site. I think related to the chat features? Perhaps it is my IE version. I was able to read your post on “The Golden Compass” and really appreciated what you shared. If people would receive Pullman’s opinions on god as opinions on organized religion rather than associate it with God, there is a great deal of value to be learned from his writings.
    I’ll keep checking back to your site! I’m looking forward to reading some more of your posts.

  • Kristina Brooke

    I found your blog through your designer and I really enjoy your writing. I share very different beliefs than you, but I agree that the way a person responds says a lot about his/her beliefs and faith. I also wrote an entry about The Golden Compass a few days ago. I invite you to read it. Happy Holidays.

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