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The Importance of Showing Up

Several years ago I was sitting in a parking lot of a resort waiting to check in to my room for a weekend vacation. I’d been looking forward to getting away for a little introvert time.
I went to the office to check-in and was met by a young woman obviously stressed, overwhelmed and running in circles.  She was apparently juggling the roles of  receptionist, manager and housekeeper for whatever reason.  She was also needed as a mom to her young daughter who was on the office floor crying – demanding her mom’s attention.  Despite it all, the woman was gracious and apologetic that my room was not ready yet. 
I experienced a few different emotions.

  • Annoyance that my room wasn’t ready.
  • Impatience to start my escape from the world.
  • Sympathy for this overwhelmed woman.

I told her no problem and I’d come back.  So I went to my car and decided to read for awhile. But I couldn’t really focus on what I was reading because I had this nudging.  You know – that persistent and annoying nudging that comes from the Spirit.  A nudging to go back and offer to help in some way – to play with her daughter while she tried to work, to fold some towels, just simply to offer so she didn’t feel alone.
But I stuck my spiritual fingers in my spiritual ears and started singing, “I can’t hear you. Lalalalalala.”
To this day I regret not responding to the Spirit. I fully understand that I missed out on being used by God to be a blessing to someone, someone who really needed a blessing.
I’d like to say that I learned from that experience and never made that mistake again.  But I have.  I will always have to fight selfishness.
One of the things I have to remind myself of over and over again is that 90% of ministry is showing up and being present.  Seriously.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is just be there and NOT say a word.  Or just reach out with a text or email that doesn’t offer empty promises or pat answers but rather simply says, “I’m here. You aren’t alone.”
I’m going to continually remind myself to be present. To show up.  How can you join me this week? 
Do you have a story of how you were blessed by someone showing up in your life?

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