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The Light was Rocked

We had a great time at our Rock the Light event this weekend.  We spent Saturday afternoon and evening at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City (Swope Park) listening to some great Christian artists – Bethany Dillon; Philosophy; Jeremy Camp; Third Day.  I posted some pictures in a new photo album.  Check it out on the left panel titled "Rock the Light".  It was pretty hot during the afternoon but by evening it was absolutely gorgeous.  I have to do props again to Kris Swanigan who hooked me up with a backstage pass.  Kris – what can I say?  You the man. Get r done. Thats what I’m talkin about. 🙂  (did I remember them all??)  Kris and I met up with Kris’s sister and brother-in-law, Kate and Ross, and we went backstage to check everything out prior to the Third Day show. We stayed back there until Third Day came out and began to play then went out and sat down front for about half of their show.  It was great.  Love Third Day.  Ross had played earlier in the afternoon with "the house band" from Lakeland Community Church so that is how the connection thing worked.  Ross also has his own band which you can check out by clicking here.  Thanks, KRIS!  I owe you again. And thanks for going as a sponsor on the trip.  You were awesome!

We stayed the night in Lee’s Summit – asleep a little after 2 am which is about normal on youth trips it seems.  Then got up this morning and attended Lakeland Community Church.  This 9-year-old church plant meets in a movie theatre in Lee’s Summit but on Oct. 2nd they will move into their permanent home which is a sports arena in Lee Summit area.  We were blessed through worship and testimony this morning and by the challenges given by Lakeland’s Holy Man, Dan.

It really was a great trip.  Great bunch of youth.  Great weather.  Great sponsors.  Great time of worship outside at the theatre.  We heard many great reports from World Vision on their relief work around the world – child sponorships as well as new relief work related to Hurricane Katrina.  If you are looking for a way to give and to be an active part of addressing social justice issues around the world, I highly recommend World Vision.  They are a reputable foundation that truly ministers in the name of Christ and responds to God’s call on us to be about justice and service.

This weekend was good for God and me.  Just some great time together, some great discussions on things. Some beautiful reminders by the Spirit of just how loved I am by God – just as each person is loved by God.  It is something we know in our heads but we don’t take nearly enough time to just bask in that love.  If we did, I don’t think we would go desperately searching for that love in other areas.  We would be confident and stand solid in the knowledge that God finds us beautiful and pleasing to Him and we would be content knowing that God’s approval is the only approval that matters.  We would soar through live with new intensity and freedom because we would no longer be weighted down with pleasing others.  We would be empowered by the Spirit to be extensions of Christ because we would no longer feel weak and cowardly under the intimidating eyes of the world around us.  If we allowed God to remind us each day of the amazing love God has for us and actually receive that love, miraculous changes would occur in each of our lives and like a spilled bottle of perfume, the God-fragranced results would saturate our world.  The scent would be so intoxicating that people could not help but seek to find the Source of such a sweet, sweet smell. 

I’ll leave with the text of "Simply" by the band, Pillar.  This is one of my favorite songs and the words are simply powerful.  As you read them, please take heart in the knowledge that you are LOVED by God.  Deeply, intimately, completely loved and adored by the One who created you and knows you better than anyone.  And even with that knowledge – God simply loves.

Simply by Pillar
I’ve made it so hard on myself
Turning my back on how you felt
Seeing a lie that led me on
Leaving a love that did no wrong
That’s what it took for me to say
That you simply love
Despite all the stupid things I’ve done
It’s hard to remember that you simply love
Even though I know not what I’ve done
I’ve tried to do all this on my own
Not thinking once of what you’ve shown
All that I’ve done has blinded me
To everything that you have for me
I want you to know I finally see
I don’t know why I can’t understand
I don’t know why I can’t comprehend
I don’t know why I can’t understand

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