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This Wink's for You, Mark

Mark Driscoll – This wink’s for you!! For the background on this wink movement, read Adam’s recent post.

For those readers who haven’t heard of Mark, he is a vocal and popular fundamentalist who I disagree with on most things. He is the founder and pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle, Washington, as well as an author and leader. He is loved and defended by many.  But to many others, he has said some unbelievable things (well, unbelievable to a lot of people other than Mark.) Probably his most infamous comments related to the Pastor Ted Haggard’s firing for sexually immoral conduct. 

I have learned that there is little point to debating such individuals. But it doesn’t meant that those who disagree should be silent about giving another voice to issues under debate. Mark attacks individuals like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell – ministers who have done amazing things for the Lord and for many individuals who have been turned off to God due to the rants of people like Mark.

So – I’m adding my wink to the list.

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