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Addition to earlier post:  Although I indeed did win one game of racquetball against Dan, I failed to mentioned that I lost four – two of those with skunk scores!  So, Dan, my apologies.  Your athletic reputation is thus restored. 🙂

Today played volleyball for a long time and I’m feeling it in my right shoulder tonight from a few to many hits.  Play every week almost since October has been good for skill improvement though. I’ve learned a lot from the weekly games and from folks like Maria and Rick – master teachers with great patience.

I enjoyed a wonderful lunch today with my friend, Adele.  It was great to just enjoy a leisurely lunch where we could catch up on each other’s worlds.  Our poor waiter boy didn’t make a lot of money off of our table thought since we were there for a few hours.  It was great to talk through things with a great friend and I gathered a great deal of strength and fortitude from our time together. Thanks, Adele! Love you.

Christmas is officially over at my home.  I took down all of the Christmas decorations today and have my last gift to deliver tomorrow.  It is official as we press on to 2006 and all the exciting possibilities of a new year.  That always makes me excited.  A new slate; a whole new year of who knows what.  I did mention in my post yesterday that 2005 had been a rough year and it was for a couple of reasons.  However, I failed to also say that it also had many good moments.  I don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  But it would be shallow of me to say that 2005 was hunky-dory when there were a few big rough patches that hurt.  I’m better for them but they still hurt.  But I had some great moments with my wonderful family; I met some great new friends; I have some awesome youth and spiritual family members in my church; I am blessed in many ways. And more than anything – I have a faithful God who is consistently there for me far more than I am for Him.  As would be expected since He is God and perfect and I am not.  I’ve learned a lot from our journeys together this year and from the many lessons God continues to teach me.

I’m sore and I’m tired so I think I’ll wrap it up tonight.
Much love and prayers for God’s peace to be known by each of you – Melissa


  • Mel

    Lilly – I’m so impressed with your keyboard skills at such a young age! Your big sister Kim has taught you well. Maybe now you can teach her a few things . . . 🙂
    Happy New Year! Tell your big sisters that I think they are way cool!

  • Lilly

    Sorry. Lilly wanted to “click”(type).

  • Kimbo

    That is all. Oh wait, there’s more: *-+
    Okay, now I’m done.

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