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Tour de France

Tour1Been reading a lot today on the Tour de France as part of my sermon prep for this Sunday.  This Sunday is the final day of the tour and my sermon is related to it in many ways.  You’ll just have to come on Sunday to find out exactly how!!  It really is an interesting journey with a neat history and many wonderful stories of courage, selflessness and determination.  It takes incredible discipline in your life to prepare for such an adventure.

This Sunday’s sermon will be called the "Tour de Faith" on the lectionary text from I Kings 3:5-14 which is one of my favorite texts.  I’m blessed that it happen to fall on the Sunday that I am preaching.  I Kings 3:9 is a life verse for me so I have been blessed by engaging it once again in some study time.

I’m heading out for the evening.  Steve and I have softball tonight and just some of your basic, wonderful "we" time to enjoy.

Peace – Melissa

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  • Kailey

    Hey Girl!! Like the new look, refreshing. I really wish I could be at chruch this Sunday to hear you! Let me know when you are speaking next and I will make sure I am there. Give me a call when you have some time, we need to catch up on things! Love you girl.

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