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Tuesday Fun

Tuesday nights are fun at my house.  I love my youth!  I got home from the Y around 6:45 and one was waiting.  Then by 7 (mind you, c-groups start at 7:30 pm), I had three guys in the kitchen and we were having a grand time doing absolutely nothing.  I was making puppy chow which makes them happy and I had the teapot on the stove for the hot water for their hot chocolate.  Before long the kettle was making its train-whistle noise which started all of us making music with whatever we could find in the kitchen.  Our very own "kitchen stomp".  So fun.  Preston – you would have been proud.  🙂  They are great kids and we had a great turn-out tonight – probably 16 or 17 youth.  Plus one youth had here "Baby think it over" baby from her class at school and man – it has some lungs. It was funny to hear the youth talk about how much the baby ate, how long it cried, how it always wants something, etc.  I think "Baby think it over" really lives up to its name.

The New Year’s YMCA crew hasn’t died down yet.  Usually January is very, very busy with those folks who resolve to make the year a healthier year.  And by February the numbers drop back a bit.  But last night and tonight it was very, very busy.  I wish them all well but sometimes it is a little crazy to find free equipment to work out on.

That’s it for tonight.  May you allow your day to be guided by God as you open yourself up through prayer to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Peace –  Melissa


  • Kim

    Hehehe, my little baby Melissa. Sorry Preston, I wanted to name it after you but, well…it was a girl. I guess I still coulda named her Preston though! Ha just kidding!

  • Mel

    Hahahahahaha — Preston, I’m rolling! 🙂 I’ll see what I can do on the “Baby Think It Over”.
    hahah (I’m still laughing . . . )
    That little group of five of us in my kitchen must be a picture of what the inside of your brain looks like. Little men in there banging around on things make all kinds of rhythmic-racket! 🙂

  • Preston

    I am so proud of you, doing the spontaneous rhythm thing. As someone who has accompanied a singer using an electric sander and participated in spur-of-the-moment chicken singing, I know the glory of unplanned random music. Oh, and if you have an extra “Baby think about it” lying around, I might be able to find a use for it.

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