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"You don’t wanna do this guys, because I’m an easy bleeder, and I might have diseases."  I got this off some guy’s blog and thought it was hee-lar-e-us.  It is his prepared response in the event that he should ever be physically threatened by large, burly men.  HA.  Remember this one – it might actually save your life one day.

Saw Finding Neverland on Sunday night.  Great flick!  I definitely recommend this one for several reasons if not simply to be reminded of the need to embrace your imagination and revel in it.  The acting is amazing – especially young Freddie Highmore.  I look forward to seeing Johnny Depp and Highmore together again in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory scheduled to come out in the near future.  Despite critics, I am also eager to see The Phantom of the Opera.  It finally came to Columbia but whether I’ll get there in time remains to be seen.

So, I’m seriously committed to living a healthier lifestyle.  (Stop laughing – no, seriously – stop it.)  I’m back at the Y and am in love with their elliptical machines.  They are smooth and it makes it a lot easier to run without the wear and tear on the body. So, I’m committing myself to leaving the office when I can to exercise each day.  I figure since I work so many evenings and weekends I should be able to sneak away for a hour for some "me" time.  If you hit the Y at just the right time, it is not busy at all. 

Now that I have the Launch Cast Radio and can listen to alternative rock all day, commerical-free, I am discovering that alternative rock is truly me.  Odd as it may be to hear "Plastic Jesus" coming from the youth pastor’s office, I have found a ton of sounds that I love.  Mind you – I don’t have a clue about most of the bands but the songs are great.  Examples: "Hysteria" by Muse; "Simpleman" by Shine Down, "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand; "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World; "Broken" by Seether with Evanesence; "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.  Great tunes.  **Disclaimer: I am not endorsing said lyrics or bands. I am simply stating that their sounds make me happy.  And everyone should want me to be happy.  Because when mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Peace –

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