Random Reflections

Two Down, Three to Go

Day Two of vacation was a pretty decent day. Despite the constant rain, I managed to take two full jeep loads of stuff to the Salvation Army. That is a cleansing feeling. Nice to have clutter out of the house and my life. As I look around, I still see some more items that I know will soon find their home there.

I was able to spend an hour with Blake today. He is so sweet and smells so good!! I honestly love baby smell (not the diaper smell obviously). He was sleeping and he woke up just before I left ready for his next meal. He is a great baby and my sister is absolutely loving being a mom (which she is very good at.) It is wonderful and exciting to have a baby in the family. This new life brings “new life” to all of us in so many ways.

I spent some money at Lowe’s today and I have all the stuff I need to begin the kitchen redo tomorrow. I cleaned out the kitchen and removed the hardware from the cabinet doors. A little spackeling tonight and they will be ready for sanding, priming and painting tomorrow. When it’s all done, I’ll post before and after shots here on the website. I’m excited about the changes and looking forward to a brighter and cheerier kitchen. Maybe it will inspire me to actually cook . . .

Peace – Melissa

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