Random Reflections

Unexpected blessings out the wazu!

OK – I have no idea how to spell "wazu" but I’m going with the phonetic thingy.

Unexpected blessings out the wazu this weekend and week!!  Holy Mackerol.

Sunday night I was able to take the night off and enjoy some great personal "we" time!

Monday night my Deacon’s meeting was cancelled and I was able to enjoy another great evening of "we" time.

Tuesday night my NCD meeting was cancelled and I was able to mow my yard. (ok – not an unexpected blessing really.)  BUT then Cari came over and we watched the movie Chocolat which is just an overall great movie – chocolate; Johnny Depp; good spiritual lessons; etc. 

So far I give the past four days a solid score of "100" on a scale of 1 to 10. 🙂

I’m fairly confident that I will have Wednesday night church since there is no foreseeable winter weathery mix forecasted.  However, I have not seen some of my youth in a few weeks so I am excited about spending time with them.

Prayers for many unexpected blessings for each of you and that God will grant you the eyes with which to see them!!!

Peace – Melissa

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