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Unexpected blessings

Uexpected blessings rock my world.  On the one count, blessings rock on their own. That’s why they are blessings, right? But add the unexpected adjective to the mix and you just "up" the WOW value.  As a person who has had a natural inclination for control and expectation throughout most of my life, I am finding myself flirting with unexpecting lately and liking it – a lot.  How was I content before?  Unexpecting is so much more fun and enjoyable.  Waking up with a giddy-like wonderment of what the day will bring – the only expectation being that I will be blessed by unexpected things!  Maybe you only really, really get off on this if you come out from a journey of restrained cautiousness and realize what you have been missing.   Maybe you only really, really feel the freedom if you’ve recently had the constraints removed.   Maya Angelou says "Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art." 

Unexpected blessings as of late: a new, rich friendship that is "blosoming" in a person I have known for years but have not truly known until recently; Neena’s STEAK!; the wise and comforting wisdom of my soul sister, Kailey;  the absolute contentment of brushing the hair of a little, blonde angel; the safety of a family dinner where you are surrounded by people who love you no matter what; a shoulder sun-burn from a beautiful spring day; revelations from youth hanging out in your basement and musing about God stuff.   Man – this week is so much better than I ever expected- and its only Tuesday! 😉

joke from the Bobawski tonight at c-group:  Have you ever seen an elephant hidden in a tree?  NO?  Well, that’s cause they are really good at hiding.  ok – had to be there but stinkin’ hilarious in my opinion.

Alrighty, its late and I’m calling it.  Hope everyone’s day is full of unexpected blessings!  Post a comment and tell me what unexpected blessings you’ve had lately.

Peace – Melissa

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