Random Reflections

Unexpected Lunch Companion

Last week I had gone to one of my favorite little local places to eat.  I took my current book and journal and had plans to hide-away in a corner booth to read.  The restaurant isn’t very book and there are very few places for a person to sit if they are by themselves.  You pretty much have to take up a booth or table for four.

I had just placed my order when an older woman approached my booth.  "Are you expecting anyone?" she asked.  "Um… no," I replied, thinking quickly if there was anyway to avoid the next question.  "May I join you then?  I hate to take up a whole table."

I’m sure I had somewhat of a "deer-in-the-headlights" look but managed to stammer out, "Sure. Have a seat."

As she is settling in, I have to be honest and say that my thoughts were ranging from "Dang it." to "I wonder if it will be rude to just start reading and ignore her."  Fortunately, I have a huge guilt complex and I’ve been taught better because I knew the answer to my question.   So, I began explaining the menu, etc and we went forth from there. It didn’t take long for the Holy Spirit to capture my attention and remind me that its not about me. Its not about my quiet lunch. Its not about my interrupted plan.   When God was finished with my attitude adjustment, I relaxed and saw the pleasure of a new friend, an unplanned and unexpected lunch companion.  She had a very interesting life and family.  She had a great stories.  And she had good questions about Baptists because as a good Catholic, she had some concerns about some things she’d heard about Baptists.  I assured her that I had my own concerns about Baptists as well 🙂

I pray for God to help me be more selfless and open to enjoying people and God-interruptions.  Then, when one comes along so obviously, I pout like a little kid being forced to eat his veggies.  I’m so glad God has infinite patience and that God has no qualms about interrupting my plans. 

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