Random Reflections


This past Sunday was Youth Sunday.  My youth did an amazing job in the services.  Their leadership was excellent and they were tremendous blessings to so many attending.  My two seniors that preached were incredibly insightful and humble.  As usual, I learned from them and what they had to share.  They were transparent and honest and encouraging.  I love to hear about their faith journeys and insights.

Listen to Adam Sander’s sermon here.
Listen to Kristen Foster’s sermon here.

On Saturday, I held a garage sale for the family.  It was a miserable weather day – mid-30s and raining the whole time.  But we still made quite a bit of money and got rid of lots of things – especially, baby clothes.  Now that my sister is having a baby girl, it was time to get rid of a lot of Blake’s things. And it was a popular item to sale.

I saw "Music and Lyrics" on Friday night with a friend.  Its the movie starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore where Hugh is an old 80s pop star and needs to write a new hit song.  Drew is a gifted lyricist but doesn’t really realize it.  They each have their own issues that they bring to the table but somehow work their way through – you know the plot.  But if you like Hugh and Drew and love stories and cute music … well, this is a fun film with catchy music that will haunt you into next week . .  as it is doing to me.

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