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Right now I’m sitting in a corner of Paneras in little ol’ Branson, Missouri.  I’ve downed my first class of Diet Pepsi (sorry – I’m not cool enough to drink coffee of any variety or taste) and a fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon roll that was hmm-hmm-good.

I’m on vacation.  I love vacation.  Every year my parents give me some days away by myself at a resort in the Branson area.  Two things to know: 1) I love time away by myself.  It doesn’t drive me crazy.  It actually makes me very happy.  It is 2:47 pm and I have not said anything out loud except "I’d like a cinnamon roll and a diet Pepsi." and "Of course, they cancel each other.".  That’s it.  2) The Branson of great fame and fortune is not my idea of a vacation.  Branson is a haven for a senior adult population that spends loads of money on entertainment shows like Dixie Stampede and Darrin Romeo and shops, shops, shops.  I don’t enjoy entertainment shows and I’m not fond of shopping, shopping, shopping.  Maybe one shopping, but not three.  I have no problem with being the youngest person in the close proximity.  It is comforting and fund.  I feel a little like Cameron Diaz in the movie In Her Shoes.  Except for the fact that I don’t look like her, dress like her or sleep around like her. Otherwise, we are totally twins.

Yesterday I did the following:

  • I read a book.  Start to finish.  One day.  I love that. 
  • I excercised.  They have a nice gym here at the resort and after I got up around 10:30 am I went to exercise.  🙂   Yes, 10:30.
  • I sat by the pool and read the afternoon away. 
  • I got a sunburn.  Yes – a sunburn.  Hallelujah.  I will not let summer die.
  • I went to dinner with my good friend, Kailey Leesman who lives about 30 minutes away.  We had a nice walk in the evening air, a great dinner and an even better dessert at Cold Stone Creamery.  Hello, perfection.

Today, I slept in again.  I exercised again.  I read by the pool.  And now I’m here trying to do some writing on this final last day at the resort.  I leave in the morning to return home and although I’ve contemplated many ways I could extend the vacation or permanently be on vacation, I’m accepting the fact that tomorrow I will have to leave.

It has been good.  Vacation is fabulous.  My parents are saints for giving me this fabulous gift each year. 

Now, time to empty my bladder, refill my soda and get back to my writing.

Blessings –


  • Branson Tourism Center

    Glad to hear you always enjoy your trips to Branson! If you haven’t gotten a chance to, the next time you’re here you should check out the Branson Landing, sounds like something you might be interested in. They have upper-scale dining, shops and some pretty neat stuff.

  • revabi

    Hi Melissa,
    That is one vacation you got going there, even a sunburn. Wow.
    Not been to Branson Miss., yet. Maybe one day. One of my church members just got back from there. Have fun, relax, enjoy.

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