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Vacation Days

Vacation days are beautiful gifts.  I’ve been on vacation the past two days – a vacation of staying put mostly which is a blessing.  Things have been so hectic, so non-stop for a long time that my house had become chaotic and behind.  Yesterday I spent the day on getting it back into the game – yardwork; took items to recycle and to Salvation Army; cleaned and cleaned; washed my jeep.  It felt great to tidy up.  Most of it is what I would call surface cleaning which is kind of what I’m doing with myself the first few days of vacation.  Just some surface cleaning – sleeping; exercising; stocking up; etc.  But I’m moving towards the expectation of some deeper cleaning personally.  The next few days are busy but I have some scheduled down time to do some praying, thinking, planning, decision-making.  Before I get there, though, I just need to tidy up my life a bit and then I’ll be ready to focus.

My friend, Jesse, came down for dinner Monday night and that was a wonderful blessing.  It was good to do some chatting about life an dthings and I was touched that he would drive the 2 hours for a evening of conversation.  Today I was able to spend some time with my nephew, Blake, which was great.  He is growing up quickly and today we enjoyed a few brief and deep conversations.  Of course, I have no idea what he said because it was a jumble of sounds but he was very passionate about it nevertheless.  So, I have no doubt that the thoughts he shared today were profound and most likely beyond my comprehension.  I do hope that he’ll humor me as he continues to grow up.  I had dinner tonight with my friend, Amy, and it was a delight to slow down and catch up with our lives.  I’m so thankful that she came to Jeff City and that she walked onto the football field in September! 🙂

Wednesday I am spending the day with my parents in Iberia, MO, as we continue to work on some things at my grandma’s house.  She moved to JC a couple of months ago and the family is going through the process of working through years of history in that place. 

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving full of blessings and rich times with families and friends.

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