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Vegas Done

If you were reading my blog, youmight think I never returned from Vegas.  I did actually returned after the weekend there and no, Mark, I’m not SORRY for neglecting my blog.  🙂

Vegas was nice. I enjoyed the times with friends and being away from work and the sunny poolside lounging.  I could definitely do without the crowds, the noise, the craziness, the vanity, the prices . . .  I can’t believe what people will pay for a pair of shoes or a purse.  Vegas is a whole nother world from Missouri and I’m glad to say I’ve been there, done that.  The only other time I was every in Vegas was when I was 12 or 13 for the Southern Baptist Convention. Yep – that’s right. They were in Vegas.  I think that was the year they were condemning showgirls and white tigers.  The next year or so they went on to Florida and took on Mickey Mouse.

Anyways – its been busy since I’ve been home.  May is crazy as most people now.  Lots of graduation stuff going on with my youth.  We’ve had the nice dinner and I’m currently waiting for the slide show to finish download to my zip drive so I can get it loaded and ready for church tomorrow. 

Today the church sponsored a Act of Kindness day at a local laundramat.  A handful of us were there from 10 am – 2 pm paying for people’s laundry and providing snacks and conversations.  It was great! We met so many nice folks and their reaction to people paying for their laundry was very entertaining.  Some people took more convincing then others that we truly didn’t want anything in return.  We were just doing acts of love because of God’s love. It was nice to be a part of a healthy outreach program and to present a different type of church and Christian to our neighbors at the laundramat.  Ironically, most of our helpers today from the church were our neweset members and a recent new visitor. They were awesome at helping people and giving them money. It was wonderful to see them in action and to learn from them.

My sister is getting closer to delivering baby Morgan.  Her due date is June 14 but it looks like she may come early. I’m hoping this next week because I leave on Saturday for our senior trip and I really, really do not want to miss the delivery. I’m trying to prepare myself for that reality in case it is what happens but praying for God to give Morgan a good shove and send her on out.

It appears my senior video has frozen in the download process with 60% done.  Grrrr.  Guess I need to get back to work.

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