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Warts and All

Some of you choose to love me … warts and all.  Literally.  But not anymore.  I’m about ready to post about some ugliness so if you just ate or you have a tendency to toss cookies, blow chunks, etc. at quasi-nauseous topics, you might just want to skip to the next paragraph.  However, if I’ve captured your attention, read on . . .  So, I developed warts on my thumb last year.  Yep, pretty nasty.  In January, I had them frozen (a painful process that leaves mother-of-all blisters and oozing wounds for 2 – 3 weeks.)  I had 3 frozen and 2 came back in May.  Urgggh.  So I made it through the summer and finally went back today to the dermatologist to have two that returned frozen again.  They hurt.  They’re blistered.  My thumb looks freakier than ever.  For those of you that thought it was disgusting for me to post pictures of my toenails after my pedicure, well . . . you can be thankful that I do have some small amount of compassion for my blog readers otherwise I’d post a pretty little close-up of my blistering, disgusting thumb. 

Had Common Ground friends over last night for a hang-out night. Good times, good excuse to eat bad.  I had spent a good portion of the day moving furniture back into my basement after having my carpets cleaned.  My basement gets a lot of traffic during the school year from high school kids that come over once a week for Bible study.  I took advantage of the moving to rearrange the basement and I love the new set-up.  It got a thumbs up approval from CG folks last night.  I also discovered that I had water damage in the basement from a humidifier pump that ceased working sometime during the week.  Today, I had it serviced and a few dollars later, we are back to functioning once again. My friend, Preston, stayed LATE, LATE and we had a great time catching up and solving all the world’s problems.  Thanks, Preston, for listening and for solving all my issues.  There isn’t anyone I enjoy being narcissitic with more than you. 🙂

Time to get back to work.  I wonder if I could justify leaving early due to the throbbing pain in my thumb.  I can’t type well; I have trouble praying due to the distraction of pain;  I have less-than-saintly thoughts right now due to said pain. I"m a little "winey" and we all know wine and ministers is a bad combo (she says sarcastically).  So perhaps it is justifiable if I’m really, really creative . . .


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