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Saturday I officiated at my third wedding.  The wedding of two good friends.  The wedding of one faithful blog reader.  So, Preston, here it is for you:  Congratulations, dear friend!  Thank you for allowing me to share in you and Amy’s special day.  It was a honor and a pleasure to be there for the both of you.  And thanks for taking my jabs with such good nature. 🙂  You know its cuz I love ya!

Despite our near blizzard here in Missouri, the wedding occurred with little disruption.  The key players made it in and the ceremony was beautiful.  It was a Christmas theme so the snow made it absolutely perfect.  A true winter wonderland.

I really enjoy officiating at weddings.  I enjoy the premarital counseling, the ceremony, the participation in such a memorable event.  It is truly on those occasions standing before God, the couple and the gathering of friends and family that I know I am in the right place.  It feels right to stand and be a visible and audible testimony for God’s presence.  For this wedding especially because I wore a clergy robe for the very first time.  It is rarely seen in Baptist traditions but the couple asked me to wear one and I was glad to do it.  I borrowed a beautiful robe from my friend and co-minister, Jeanie.   When I put it on and looked in the mirror, I was humbled and so moved to be wearing such a symbol.  I do not take lightly my calling to pastor.  Standing before the couple and guiding them as they exchange vows, I do not doubt my calling to pastor.  I feel at home.  It feels right.  I feel peace.

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  • Preston

    Thank you so much for doing our ceremony and for being such a great friend. It was a wonderful weekend made even more special since we were surrounded by the people we love. And you totally rocked the clergy robe!

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