Random Reflections


Tonight was my first Wednesday back to the regular school year schedule at church. In some ways I was dreading it – just because Wednesdays are so long in church work. But I must admit, after spending an hour with my hilarious and energetic middle schoolers, my attitude was much better. They are so cool and funny and open. They’re a hoot. One of my boys was telling me how he wore a hubcab around his neck with a gold chain to school and was showing off that he had bigger “bling-bling” than anyone else. HILARIOUS!!!! I need to get a picture of that. You never know what a day will bring with middle schooler (or youth) for that matter. One of the many reasons why I love them so! Tonight we began a study of Philippians. We will be walking through that “epistle” throughout September. I’m looking forward to the study with them.

Walked downtown for lunch today. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to make sure that I ventured outside to enjoy it. The church I work for is located in our historic downtown area so I am within walking distance of great little eateries. Lots of sandwich shops which I enjoy.

I had scheduled to spend the day tomorrow tearing up the old floor in my kitchen and laying a new floor. HOWEVER, as with many things on this project, the floor removal has been more challenging than I thought. Looks like I will be paying some friendly folks from Lowe’s to come in a remove the floor for me. Dad and I have tried about every trick we know and that sucker will not tear up. Time to pay the pros and admit defeat. Two things I hate to do. 🙂

Peace – Melissa

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