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Its been a great end to a week of vacation.  My trip to Branson seems like several days ago which is a sign of a great vacation and the great weekend I had.  On Friday I spent several hours with my parents and my nephew, Blake.  I walked in the door to my parents house and Blake WALKED to me.  Yep – it seems almost overnight that he is walking everywhere without holding onto anything.  He loves it and goes non-stop.  What a cutie.  I posted a couple of new pictures in the Blake album for you to enjoy and to pin-up on your refrigerators.

Friday night was Common Ground movie night at the AB.  We watched Tommy Boy – a hilarious movie.  We had a great turnout with some new people which is awesome.  We stayed late playing some pool and fooseball.Just a fun night hanging out with some great people.

Saturday I played golf with some friends and had a such a great time.  I hadn’t played golf in awhile – probably a couple of years which is very sad.  I have clubs that my family got me for my birthday few years ago.  It was a perfect day on Saturday.  We did the golf cart thing which was totally worth the whole day. Every other time we’ve golfed, we’ve walked it but I’m completely sold on the cart thing.  Dan graciously shared the driving of the cart with me and we managed to stay on all four wheels.  At least I didn’t squeal tires like Alison!   I have to brag that on my very first hole, I killed the ball with my driver and it sailed through the air right to the green – just 3 feet from the hole.  The only problem was that it was the wrong green.  But it was impressive, nevertheless. 🙂 

Saturday afternoon I made some cookies Saturday afternoon, packed up, picked up my friend Amy and we headed off to St. Louis for the rest of the weekend to hang out with my friend, Jesse, and to attend The Journey on Sunday.  Saturday night Jesse had some friends over to his new house and we hung out and played games and talked.  We went to bed around 2:30 am and then we got up to attend church at The Journey church. I’ve watched the Journey for the past three years since it started and have been wanting to worship there since the beginning.  They have an amazing ministry to young people and have grown tremendously in the past three years.  Jesse started attending there this year and loves it there.  After church, Jesse fixed us a great lunch and we left around 2:30 pm.  As we were heading out of St. Louis near Chesterfield, I noticed that the air conditioning wasn’t cooling very much and then I read the temperature guage on the dashboard.  It was completely off the charts.  So I pulled off of Hwy. 40 and found an auto shop that I hoped would be open (mind you its Sunday).  It wasn’t but by that time smoke was pouring out from under my hood.  I’ve seen that in movies before and it’s not a good thing.   There happened to be a tow truck in the parking lot that had just brought another car there and so he waited around while I called AAA to see about a place that might be open on Sundays.  Nothing is of course.  I went next door and bought some anti-freeze to see if maybe it was just low but not long after we put it in it starting pouring out the bottom.  Again, not a good thing.  So, I decided to just leave the jeep there, filled out an envelope and dropped the keys in the drop box.  Then we called Jesse to see if he could help us locate a car rental place but instead he offered to drive us back to JC!  I hated to do that to him but he assured me it was no problem.  So we had extra time to visit and hang out, Amy got some papers graded and Jesse earned my deep gratitude!

Now about my Jeep . . .  I’ll call tomorrow to check on it but I’m out of town to Windermere on Monday and Tuesday and so the first time I can get to St. Louis will be Wednesday.  I’m going to plan to go up on Wed afternoon, pick it up and come back to JC.  My St. Louis trip has turned into quite an adventure.

It has been an amazing vacation.  I’m rested and renewed.  I’ve had some amazing fellowship with so many friends over the vacation.  But more than anything, God has really cared for me this week and we are at a very good place right now. I had a lot of time to think through some things in life and to just trust them to God.  Each morning, I’m laying down my day at the feet of God for God to guide and direct according to His will.  It is so wonderful to be trusting God and not worrying about having to make things happen in my life.  It is a wonderful difference to go from anxiousness to peace and that is the amazing kind of work that God can bring about in our life.

I wish for all of you this great peace that God brings to the chaos of this world.  May you experience God’s peace in your life this week.

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