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On Saturday, I took about 27 youth to St. Louis for a day of skiing at Hidden Valley Ski Resort. It was a great day and I had several beginning skiiers and boarders. About 2 pm, one of my youth found me to tell me one of the girls had fallen and broken her wrist. So I headed back to the ski patrol office to wait for her arrival by sled. After 30 mins or so in the ski patrol office, I took her and a couple of friends to St. John’s Hospital about 25 minutes from the resort. I left the rest of the youth back skiing with a couple of adult sponsors. Of course, you know how ER visits can go and this was no different. We got in pretty quickly but there was a major delay with xrays. She had broken her wrist badly and they were going to set it. Now, I realized as time kept going that there was no way we would make it back to pick up the kids and get home by the time we said. On top of that, a winter storm was moving into the area and now we were facing the prospect of driving back in the midst of the storm.

We made it back to pick up the rest of the kids about an hour after we were suppose to be back to JC – 2 hours from St. Louis. With the storm worsening and road conditions poor, we made the decision to stay at a hotel outside St. Louis and return the next day. It turned out to be the right choice with many accidents occuring that night. Plus the youth had a great time. They love slumber parties. We grabbed supper next door at the “Huddle House” and enjoy some great showers and sleep. (not a lot of sleep, but some!) Then we headed back safe and sound on Sunday. It was a great trip really – except for the broken wrist!!

And my prayers to God for a safe trip and some quality time with the youth were answered. Yes, in a weird way, but answered nevertheless. )

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