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Weekend Review

Eyes_1 It’s been a wonderful weekend in many respects.  Friday night I enjoyed sharing supper with my Mom  and my sister and my nephew, Blake.  The men of our life were out of town so we decided to hit the town with the cutest little boy of them all.  That’s him!!! Look at those eyes and lashes!!!  They get me every time. 🙂

Saturday was a special day for me because I was able to participate in the wedding proposal for my dear friend, Kailey. Her boyfriend, Mark, (now fiance) emailed me last week to see if I would help in this special day.  I said of course!  Mark had planned a day long scavenger hunt for Kailey with clues given by the special people in Kailey’s life. So Kailey was to call me at 8 am on Saturday and I was to give her her first clue.  I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t sleep well the night before.  I kept having these bad feelings that I was going to mess it up some how!  I worry too much but marriage proposals are big deals and Mark and Kailey only get to do this once!  So, Kailey calls me after figuring out a clue that gave her my number and I got to talk with her at the beginning of this very special adventure and most memorable day.  Thank you, Mark, for including me and for picking such an awesome girl to marry.  Eventually all the clues led her to Mark who was waiting to propose.  And of course, Kailey said yes!  I’m so happy for both of them and especially for Kailey.  We’ve had many a conversation about dating/marriage over the years and God has richly blessed her with a great guy who loves her deeply.  So . . .CONGRATULATIONS KAILEY!  I can’t wait to stand by your side as you say "I do."

Tonight is our youth dessert theatre.  It is a time when we bring a bunch of desserts for our church members and the youth all share talents. It really is a fun evening and the youth enjoy it.  I made some desserts yesterday and we are getting everything set up to go.  I keep remembering last year’s dessert theatre which was very special for me although I didn’t realize it at the time.  But now I think back on it fondly – thankful for new introductions.

I’ve been much more in a constant state of praying these past few days and it always amazing me the difference that this approach on life causes in my spirit.  The peace and contentment; the antidote for selfishness.  God doesn’t fail to bring people to mind that I need to pray for and in praying for them, it not only helps me keep in heart and mind what they are dealing with, it helps me get off my own stuff.  Life is better that way.  It softens us to people and to situations.  Prayer helps us be better in our responses to and with others.  It keeps us attentive to the world around us.  Prayer helps us keep things in perspective – God’s perspective.  I need help living that way and prayer is that help.

If I can ever pray for you, please email me.  I would be grateful to pray on your behalf.  And I would appreciate your prayers for me.  Pray for me to have wisdom and strength in my ministry.  Pray for me to be willing to ask and receive help from others.  Pray for me to get some rest.  I’ve had three sleepless nights with things on my mind and will need rest to keep going.

Peace – Melissa

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