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Weekend Update

Great weekend.  Friday night I had dinner at my parent’s home with the family and Igor and Natasha – a couple from Belarus that have been friends of the family for awhile.  They are in the US for a couple of months for various reasons and will be staying with my parents one night for the next three weekends.  It was good to catch up with them and to hear their stories.  One of the most delightful and beautiful stories was the story of how they met and fell in love.  They are tremendous people of faith.

Saturday I had several friends over for the MU/Texas game that was televised.  We ate a lot and tolerated the game.  Started out okay but went south quickly.  But it was fun nevertheless.

Today has been an eventful day.  I played basketball this afternoon with friends and suffered a couple of minor traumas.  Brad pegged me in the head with the basketball and sent me to the ground.  It hurt but nothing major.  I’m smarting a little headache tonight but it will be fine.  Later on, I fell while guarding Amy and now it appears I either broke a bone in the lower part of my hand or really bruised it. It is pretty bruised up and sore.  I showed it to a doctor at church and I have an 8 am xray scheduled now before I can get out of town.  Loverly.  So, I’m staying up tonight to try and get everything ready tonight in case the doctor’s visit is longer than expected.  If its broken, I’m asking for a nice cast or wrist guard so that I can play volleyball on Thursday night.  No way I’m missing that after waiting all this time!  Despite the war wounds, it was a really fun afternoon of basketball.  Great turnout and despite some cheap moves by other players (you know who you are, you shirt-tugger), it was a great workout and fellowship.

Alright – I still have bills to pay and to pack so I’m calling it for tonight.

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