Random Reflections

Weekend Update

Friday:  Worked all day and late in the night trying to catch up from being gone for nearly two weeks. Nice break in the day with lunch with my friend, Cari. Yeah. 🙂

Saturday: Played golf with Dan, Maria and Matt.  Dan and Maria have some skill.  Matt didn’t play but I’m sure he’s got skill as well.  Melissa . .  not so much.  BUT… I’m working on it.  I’m a highly self-competitve person especially with sports so I’m going to master this.  Watch out, (insert LPGA champion here).  Saturday night I went to the driving range and hit a bunch of golf balls with Dan and Brad.  Brad gave me some great pointers and about 1 out of every 10 swings rocked. OK – maybe a little lower ratio but nevertheless much practicing to be done because you know — If you ain’t got that swing, than you ain’t got a thing – doowap, doowap, something, something.

Sunday:  Full day of church.  God knows I need it.  Had children’s sermon and hospitality lunch so was busy until about 2 pm and then had to be back at 5 pm for revival services which are going great.  Our guest preacher is a great communicator and is bringing some wonderfully challenging messages.  After revival services tonight, the pastoral staff and the revival leadership had some fellowship time at our pastor’s home. Great bunch of folks.

This week will be busy with revival services each night through Wednesday so not sure how much I’ll post or if I’ll have anything worth sharing.  Although that has never stopped me before. 🙂

Chrisfarley_1 Random Funny:
There’s a little 2 year old in the church nursery that looks like a mini-me of Chris Farley. No, I didn’t get into the communion wine (besides – we’re Baptist. It’s grape juice.)  I told the mom this morning and she said I was the fourth or fifth person to say that.  It’s the hair, the cheeks, the eyes, the smile –  all of it.  Very, very funny.  At lunch today, I kept waiting for him jump on the table or hike his pants up by the belt. Didn’t happen.

That’s about all I got.  Wait . . . .  hmmmmm

Nope, that’s all I got.

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