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Weekend Update

What a busy weekend!  Non-stop.  I don’t think I was home except to sleep.

Friday night after work I made a quick trip to Kingdom City to pick up some things for our new Common Ground room.  I know someone who is related to the owners of Nostlagiaville in Kingdom City and they donated some old tin signs for our room.  So I ran up there and shopped around a little then came back to the church and stayed late putting things together in the new room.

Saturday morning I worked at Habitat for HumanityFBC, Jefferson City, is sponsoring house #45 for River City Habitat. The house is being built at 1813 W. Main Street and it is for a family in our church.  I got a lot of hammer action in.  There were lots of folks working so I didn’t work as long as I planned.  I left there and worked a couple of hours at church to finish up the CG room for Sunday.  I think it looks great and is a nice, young gathering area. Saturday afternoon I went with my sister and nephew to see my Grandmas at Heisinger Bluffs.  Both of my grandmas now live at Heisinger Bluffs in the assisted living area.  My mom’s mom just moved there a week ago and I had not been there to see her yet.  We visited for a while and then Blake was ready for his nap so it was time to leave.  Saturday night was a pool party at Brad Kellerman’s home.  We spent a little time in the pool but more time in the hot tub which felt great after a long day!

Today was an absolutely full day but a great one!  Church this morning and the new CG kick-off.  We had some new folks which was exciting along with the new location and good treats. My friend and former roommate Jen came to town from St. Louis and came to church and SS with me.  Then we went for a nice, long lunch to catch up on life.  She got married in June and I was not able to go due to our senior trip with the church.  We just had a wonderful time talking about where live has taken us the past year.  Jen is a neat, Christian gal and I’m blessed to have her friendship.  After that, I went to play basketball but it was just Preston and I today so we shot a little; talked more and watched some of the Chiefs game.  Then I went home to clean up and came back for a meeting at 4 pm then prepared for Chi Alpha which started at 6 pm.  Chi Alpha is our weekly youth worship service and it was our first one for the fall.  We had a really good turnout and it was just a fun and energetic night. The youth were really into it and really worshipped. It was great to be back with them and refocused again.  Plus I had a new possible youth worker show up to check it out.  She will be a great addition to the team.

This was probably more play by play than you wanted about my weekend but it seems like there were so many great moments. HOLLY HUNTER! (inside joke for Preston)

I won’t be posting again until the end of the week and I’ll explain why then. Hope you all have a great and blessed week! 

Peace – Melissa

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